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An ambitious vision for sustainability by Pearce Signs
05 October, 2023

An ambitious vision for sustainability

As a global company with a footprint across five continents, we have a huge responsibility towards the environment through what we do and how we help our clients to achieve their green ambitions.

We’ve always been keen innovators and we approach our environmental responsibilities with the same sense of discovery when we design, make and install company signs and global brand implementation projects for our clients.

But, we also know that the signs we produce have to stand up to the elements and return years of unfailing use, so balancing durability with sustainable products, materials and their manufacture is a challenge we willingly encourage. As a company we’re reaching far beyond the ‘easy wins’ and making sure we explore every opportunity to review and improve what we do and how we do it.

Solar energy

We’ve recently completed the installation of solar panels on our Nottingham production facility and that is going to play a key role in reducing our dependence on non renewable energy sources, plus it’s helping us to reduce our carbon footprint. So, it’s a big environmental plus, and one we’re looking forward to feeling the economical benefits from as well.

Solar powered signage

It’s not a new technology by any means, but now we’re developing illuminated LED signage to perform like their mains-wired predecessors, which allow businesses to run them 24 hours a day. Sustainability, with no loss of performance or impact is where the entire industry is heading and, typically, Pearce is already there.

Sustainably sourced raw materials

Sustainable production starts with sustainable materials. And whilst some suppliers make ‘green’ claims for their materials, not all stand up to close inspection. So, based on the principle of “don’t expect what you don’t inspect," we check our global supply chain against the integrity of the environmental claims they make. We also look at what we call the ‘closed loop’ journey of recycled metals, plastics, eco-paints and finishes to minimise the impact they have on the environment.

Environment and sustainability - a continuous learning journey for Pearce Signs

Recycling and waste reduction

We’ve introduced responsible recycling streams for old company signage materials and, where we’re unable to recycle, we make sure that waste products are disposed of responsibly. We’re continuing to invest in energy-efficient machinery and production processes, as well as recyclable packaging.

Education and enlightenment - let’s learn from each other

As with all things to do with the environment and sustainability, it’s a continuous learning journey. Innovation at Pearce Signs is a given and understanding new technologies which help us to achieve our ambitions and those of our clients, is now simply a part of our every day. Collaboration has always been key, as well as going into new projects with an open mind, so nothing is missed.

We’ve got designs on a better world

Across five continents, and in some of the most iconic locations in the world, company signs designed and made by Pearce help our clients connect with their customers, employees and suppliers. The work we do is intrinsically part of the city-scapes and urban landscapes and are part of our everyday lives. And these are the very visual landmarks we want to reference as our absolute commitment to sustainable smart design and manufacture.

A great example of how we put all of the above into practice is in our case study for UK bank NatWest. And it’s right here.