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Smart engineering - the science of successful commercial interior design
14 November, 2023

Smart engineering - the science of successful commercial interior design

Durability, sustainability, cost efficiency and inspired imagination come together to create interiors with impact that last the distance. In this blog, we take a closer look at how we make inspirational interiors that work. And keep on working.

We not only design and make signs, we create inspirational commercial interiors that help companies extend their brand identity to their indoor environments, whether they be offices, shops, hospitality or entertainment venues or other commercial buildings.

Numerous companies have commissioned us to design interiors that not only make a distinctive statement, but give their employees, visitors or customers an inviting space in which to work, shop or relax. But aesthetics is only part of the story. Before we drill down on the styling and visual design, we do a lot of important groundwork on understanding the functional aspects of each space.

What makes a successful commercial interior?

So what makes a successful commercial interior?

Ultimately, it all comes down to a detailed understanding of how the space is to be used, working to a budget and smart engineering around the use of materials and finishes. Commercial interiors have to work so much harder than domestic ones, by simple virtue of the fact that they are subjected to high levels of wear and tear, and people footfall.

So, before we consider the aesthetics and styling we take a closer look at the dynamics of each interior.

  • What will it be used for?

  • What are the key requirements in terms of safety, accessibility and environmental standards - without knowing these we don't know what parameters we have to work within.

  • What is the typical daily footfall?

  • Are there peaks and troughs in usage?

  • Are there any key features we need to design to attract attention? This is particularly important for retail spaces where we need to consider display areas.

  • For public buildings, how do we manage the flow of movement and help people navigate their way?

  • How do we ‘zone’ or delineate specific areas for specific purposes? For open plan offices, devices like internal wall graphics or different coloured walls can help create easily identifiable spaces.

Once we’ve got some answers to these questions we can start to make some decisions around materials, furnishings, lighting and flooring - and bring these together in a cohesive design.

Sustainable design - without compromising on performance

Sustainable design - without compromising on performance

Critical to the success of any commercial interior is longevity and sustainability. A professionally designed interior is an important investment, one that will help you utilise the most of your space, and create an environment which reflects your corporate personality. It should also be a pleasure to be in - whether to work, shop, relax or be entertained.

Not only does the space need to work efficiently, it needs to be comfortable too. The latter consideration involves looking at ergonomic designs for workstations and reception desks, as well as understanding the impact of sound and light on each space.

Hence understanding what it will be used for, and how it will work is critical.

We’re also conscious that our clients are increasingly conscious about sustainability and the environment. So part of our design recommendations will focus on eco-friendly materials and energy efficient lighting.

Constant daily wear and tear means we need to design interiors that have real longevity. This means looking at the resilience of materials and flooring that can withstand constant cleaning and maintenance, without losing its looks.

Another element in our design thinking is flexibility and adaptability. As companies change and evolve, so do their space requirements - so it’s important for us to think about how the interiors we design can be adapted to accommodate change, including new technologies as well as growth and expansion.

And finally, we need to understand the dynamics of your business. How do people communicate, engage with each other, hold meetings or entertain visitors. At a time when we’re all immersed in the connectivity provided by technology, a successful interior is one that recognises that people need to interact with each other, move about and be human.

With every space we design, we want to create efficient working environments that are inspiring places to visit, work or shop. Every new commission is an exciting opportunity for us to help our clients express who they are as a business with interiors that tell a story.

As with everything we do, we sit on the same side of the desk and adopt a collaborative approach to arriving at a solution that not only meets the brief, but reveals some unexpected design elements too.

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