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Sustainability matters.

More and more clients look to us for global brand implementation programmes that embrace sustainability by utilising recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting, and which take into account the long-term life cycle of our signs.

Working closely with you and your sustainability goals, we can manufacture company signs that not only use responsibly-sourced materials but which also can also be repurposed or recycled.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Auditing the authenticity of the sustainability credentials given to recycled materials (see also “closed loop” explanation below)
  • Addressing the long-term durability of our company signs
  • Specifying low energy LED lighting for illuminated signage
  • Use of PVC-free window graphics
  • Identifying products with low chemical emissions
  • Developing signage prototypes to assess the efficacy of sustainable materials

We’re also committed to looking at the “closed loop” lifecycle of both materials and processes. “Closed loop” is a term that refers to how a source material’s usage is tracked from its origins through to its initial use, then subsequent re-use as a recycled product.

This video demonstrates how we have worked with NatWest for over a decade to help them to reduce their environmental impact through recycling and the use of sustainable materials in their signage.


Certified ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

Focused on circularity and closed loop recycling and is working with its customers to engineer sustainable signs that can be evidenced.


recycled acrylic

PVC free



recycled aluminium

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Developing a cost effective sustainable signage roll-out strategy for this major UK bank

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Developing a cost effective sustainable signage roll-out strategy for this major UK bank
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