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Johnson Controls

Multi-phase global brand relaunch for Johnson Controls.

A multi-phase global brand relaunch across 461 sites that resolved issues of design and illumination

An ambitious re-brand that involved resolving both visual and technical issues around the design and illumination of this major global brand.

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phase programme

New corporate identity implemented globally for Johnson Controls by Pearce Signs.


This is a good example of how and why Pearce was chosen for a global re-brand on an epic scale for a company which took the opportunity for a new corporate identity to resolve issues with its dull and non-visually appealing signage.

Having recognised that they had major issues with the look and visibility of their signs and logo, our team of designers and engineers worked in close collaboration with the design team at Johnson Controls to develop new standards and recommend corrections to proposed designs covering both locational and totem signage.

Given our wealth of experience in illuminated signs, we were also able to provide them with a robust technical solution to their unresolved illumination issues which had been compromising the integrity of their previous brand identity.

This subsequently enabled us to conduct a thorough review in the US, Europe and China to ensure that the design, manufacture and brand design were of a consistent high standard across their global estate.


One of the additional challenges we encountered were the quick turnaround, high profile locations, some of which involved several high rise locations.

High access installation is another Pearce Signs specialism, coupled with the agility of our project management and manufacturing teams to work at speed and scale to ensure a consistently high standard of installation.

Brand identity and signage programme for Johnson Controls delivered by Pearce Signs.


We’re delighted that this challenging project showed how we could provide value added solutions to a client that recognised their brand identity and signage suffered from technical issues that also compromised the aesthetics of its brand.

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