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Baker Hughes

Design and development of new sign family ahead of compliance-driven global rollout

Design and development of new sign family ahead of compliance-driven global rollout

Development of new corporate signage for Baker Hughes following its split from General Electric. The new brand identity was an essential part of industry compliance to ensure that Baker Hughes was visibly different from its former trading partner.

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Following its separation from General Electric, Baker Hughes urgently required a new brand identity to be designed, implemented and installed within a compliance deadline by September 2020.


Ordinarily, with over 900 sites, this would be a significant challenge in its own right, but with the added complexities of a global pandemic, the scope and delivery of this project took on a whole new dimension.

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic presented a wide range of unexpected challenges we were able to adapt to the changing scope of the project in early 2020 to ensure that we still met the compliance delivery timeline.


Working in collaboration with Baker Hughes design team, we helped develop prototypes for their new design and sign family, along with the material specifications. As part of a rapid immersion learning programme we surveyed over 175 of their top tier priority locations around the globe to gain a detailed understanding of their current assets and determine a project budget.

This is a good example of how we can bring our wealth of expertise and experience to map out a global rollout and provide our clients with costs based on their choice of materials and the logistics of delivering consistent quality across a globally-dispersed estate.

It also demonstrates how the agility of our globally placed teams were able to rapidly deploy a temporary signage solution at the client’s request. This fulfilled an immediate requirement and allowed time for the new corporate style to be fully developed and rolled out.

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