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GE Aerospace

6 month global company sign rollout programme for GE Aerospace by Pearce Signs

A one word strategic name change which drove a 6 month global company sign rollout.

A great example of how a strategic decision on brand positioning leads to a major rethinking about a company’s global brand implementation.

When GE Aviation decided to change its name to GE Aerospace, to reflect the wider application of its products beyond mere aviation, the company needed to demonstrate this with a whole new corporate brand identity and company sign rollout.

New corporate brand identity and company sign rollout for GE Aerospace


Working across various sites in the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the Middle East, we had a six month time frame for this ambitious rollout. As usual, this involved working across different time zones and with locally-based manufacturers to ensure consistent high quality with every company sign.


The project, commissioned by the Philadelphia Signs Company (who were responsible for the US sites), drew on our wealth of experience in design, logistics and global project management. This is where our global client portal comes into its own by enabling all key stakeholders and partners to have full transparency over the progress of each installation.

Following individual surveys across all 11 sites, we then embarked on company sign designs and engineering, along with securing local planning permissions, commissioning the manufacture and then project managing each installation.

6 month signage rollout across APAC, Europe and the Middle East

“Critical to every one of our company sign rollouts is consistency in every small detail - and an obsession with manufacturing excellence. Every sign is an expression of a company’s brand, and the values attached to it, and with GE Aerospace we really wanted to do justice to their new strategic vision and ambition.”

Pearce worked with the Philadelphia Signs Company to deliver the project for GE Aerospace.
Pearce completed surveys across 11 sites for the GE brand implementation project.
Company sign designs and engineering played a large part in the delivery of this project.
Both interior and exterior signage was manufactured and installed as part of the project.
The Pearce team also assisted with securing local planning permissions for the signage programme.
Critical to company sign rollouts is consistency in every small detail.
Every sign is an expression of a company's brand and values.
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